Choppin with Fire

Welcome to Choppin with Fire, nominated by the 2022 Podcast People's Choice awards under the category of best business podcast. We are glad you are here and look forward to providing quality content that helps everyone to "Chase Their Own Dreams!"

Our podcast covers a variety of topics that include self-development, entrepreneurship, smart investment strategies focused on cryptocurrency, & other topics that surround providing the right tools to see success. We are blessed for the overwhelming support of our fans and look forward to feedback to continue to chase our dream of being 2 gentlemen that add value to everyone we can talk to.

Thank you all!!!!

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Recent Episodes



May 28, 2023

NIL deals are still new within the athletics scene. Dwayne and I spend time discussing the research we have done with respect to NIL deals and discuss the pros and cons. This episode builds off the transfer portal episode an…

Getting it Done Feat Rocco Carriero
Self-Development Entrepreneurship

Getting it Done Feat Rocco Carriero

May 21, 2023

The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy path. When an entrepreneur sees success, it is very rewarding, but what people don’t tend to see is the amount of work that goes into the business. This path can be a consuming path…

Choppin with Fire Defined
Special Events

Choppin with Fire Defined

May 14, 2023

This week's episode takes us back to the beginning. Host of Sarcasms & Orgasm moderates this episode as he asks questions on what Choppin with Fire is, where we are heading, and how we have evolved. This is a great episode f…

Guest: Will WIlson
Special Episode- Navigating the NCAA Transfer Portal
Special Events

Special Episode- Navigating the NCAA Transfer Portal

April 30, 2023

Welcome to our first episode diving into the business transactions with respect to the NCAA and the Transfer Portal. This week we give information on how the transfer portal works, what our thoughts are, how some coaches and…

Guest: Howie Zales
Navigating the Investment Landscape with Drew Spaventa
Investment Strategy

Navigating the Investment Landscape with Drew Spaventa

April 23, 2023

Drew Spaventa is the founder and CEO of The Spaventa Group, a leading investment company. He commands over a decade of experience as an investment manager, equities trader, research analyst, fund manager, and executive and c…

About the Host

Dustin SteffeyProfile Photo

Dustin Steffey


Originally from Gardnerville, NV, Dustin decided to advance his knowledge in business by attending the University of Nevada, Reno. Upon completion of his undergraduate, he graduated with a B.S. Degree in business emphasizing in Management and Marketing. Dustin took the experience from that degree and furthered his education graduating with an MBA emphasizing in sports management from Tiffin University. After completion of his MBA he wanted to become a Doctor in the field of Business attending University of Phoenix to receive his Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership. He spent his time in his doctorate studying behaviors of people with an emphasis on the millennial generation.

Today, he strives to help others create financial success by helping to teach techniques learned in his studies and by the experience he has learned from others he has surrounded himself around. He is grateful for the opportunity to help others see their own potential and success and looks forward to ensuring that the podcast is successful and our chop nation listeners are able to take golden nuggets from our interviews and learned experiences.

Dustin has been featured in the following media:
*Your Freedom Podcast
*Sarcasm and Orgasms Podcast
*The Worthy Physician Podcast
*Article in Journal of Leadership Studies Top 100 Up and Coming Business Entrepreneurs
*KTVN News