Jan. 15, 2023

How to better yourself 1% a day

I hope all of you enjoyed the episode with William Wang. I know there were some very good points brought up and for this weeks blog I want to solidify some by walking you all through what I do to better myself 1% a day. I think the biggest key to success is actually realizing that this is something that needs rot be done and its not going to be instant, but rather a slow process that has an excellent end result.

In the new year, the biggest activity that I did to help me was write down goals for the year I wanted to achieve. Now for many of you the topics that usually come up are health, money, and overall well-being. My goals encompass business goals, personal goals, and then mental health activities. An example of one of my goals is making sure to make time to enjoy the fun hobbies that I like. The reason I put this goal is I allow for work to take over and never really make time for fun. I think alot of us do the same thing so I really want to take the time to focus on this for overall better mental health.

So.....Now that you all have an idea of what I do, what are some of your goals and how are you going to better yourself 1% a day. I am here for everyone and so if you need an accountability buddy, hit me up!!!