Jan. 1, 2023

Luke Charlton Thoughts

Happy New Year!!!

I enjoyed interviewing Luke and going through his journey. As I write my thoughts after the episode, I start to take a look at my journey and compare to many of the people that we have had on and there is a similar pattern to all of these journeys. The pattern I picked up on was that most people have had good jobs that pay well but there is strong dissatisfaction when it comes to being in these jobs. According to an article posted by CNBC back in August 2022, Sixty percent of people reported being emotionally detached at work and 19% as being miserable. Only 33% reported feeling engaged ­­— and that is even lower than 2020. we dive into these statistics a little more and In the U.S. specifically, 50% of workers reported feeling stressed at their jobs on a daily basis, 41% as being worried, 22% as sad, and 18% angry. These are some crazy statistics and it isn't getting any better.

Now im not here to tell you leave your job and create your own, but what I can say is we live in a nation where entrepreneurship is a viable option and if you have a dream or skill you can use, why wouldn't you? As you listen to Luke's episode the biggest takeaway is that this is not an easy task but with hard work and willingness to drive a business you can be successful. I fully believe that when we bring our guests on for the podcast, it isn't about selling what they do, it isn't about selling products, its about all of you listening to these journeys and starting to think about what you could do to "Chase your Dreams." 

As you listen to this weeks episode, try to write down a few key takeaways and see what you come up with. Jaden and I are here for ALL of you and the best piece of advice we can give is reach out and let's create something positive out of this. At the end of the day don't be apart of the statistics above!!!!


Have a good Week!




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