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October 30, 2022

Robert Lund Discusses Entrepreneurship & CBD

Through founding Studio TBD , Robert is on the front lines of the cannabis and crypto industries focusing on infused drinks and web3 initiatives. With a background in advertising, branding, creative development and design str...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

August 29, 2022

A New Way to Attend Festivals Feat: Ed Vincent

Festival Family is an NFT Project from festivalPass, the world's first live event subscription marketplace. The Festival Family Founder NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 total Founder NFTs that will be made available in t...

Crypto Entrepreneurship NFT's

August 07, 2022

Joey Whalen is Back with Big Opportunities in the Crypto World

Joey joins Jaden and I as he discusses a new opportunity in the crypto world called Ultron. He dives into the details and discusses why this is a lucrative opportunity for all walks of life and all budget levels. Check out th...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

August 01, 2022

Papa Jo Dives into Crypto for Business

This week we bring the crypto conversation to light with respect to business. Papa Jo dives into more detail as we continue the crypto journey. Tune in and make sure to visit our website ( for more inf...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

July 25, 2022

Divi Daddy Discusses Diversification and Crypto

We have Patrick Hakim AKA Divi Daddy on with us to discuss diversification of wallets, the crypto commandments, and other important crypto strategies to help people understand and be successful in the crypto landscape. Join J...

Self-Development Crypto Entrepreneurship

July 17, 2022

Advanced Crypto Tactics and Understanding Feat Jeff & Derwin

This week we advance our education on crypto by talking about advanced investment strategies and continuing to discuss the current landscape of crypto versus where it could be heading. We bring on Jeff Pinnacle (Lite Coin Lea...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

July 10, 2022

Educating on the Current Conditions of Crypto Feat: Derwin Logan

Jaden and I wanted to discuss the recent crypto market crash and help answer some questions that we have been asked. We brought on Derwin Logan, A crypto entrepreneur and consultant to discuss the market and help to answer th...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

May 29, 2022

Advancing our Knowledge on NFT's with Dr. Bee

This week we interview Dr. Bee. She takes us through an educational journey of what NFT's are and explains how they work in depth. Let's learn about NFT's together this week as we round off our Crypto series! Apple Link: http...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

May 23, 2022

The Dirty Details of Crypto Currency with Guest Alisha Ann Kingrey

These are some exciting times when it comes to crypto and most of us need a guide when it comes to navigating this new world. We have Alisha Ann Kingrey on with us to help navigate through the education process of crypto incl...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

May 16, 2022

The Crypto Cowboy Provides Education on the Wild West of Cryptocurrency

Welcome to episode 2 of the 5 episode series on cryptocurrency. We discuss crypto in depth with the crypto cowboy, who runs a consulting business within crypto. We dive into topics that provide clarity on the diverse universe...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

May 09, 2022

Kicking off Crypto Feat: Joey Whalen

We are excited to launch our 5 episode series on crypto currency. This first episode features Joey Whalen as he explains what crypto is and his journey within crypto. This series will help educate our listeners on crypto incl...

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