Mental Health Episodes

November 13, 2022

Mental Health Check-in Feat: Dr Sapna Shaw-Hawke

Mental Health is very neglected and Dr Sapna and I take a moment to address looking for the signs of when it is time to take a break and get help. We discuss key statistics, dive into the importance of mental health, and most...

Self-Development Mental Health

September 25, 2022

Getting After it Feat: Dontay Moch

This week we interview retired NFL star Dontay Moch as we discuss the three powerhouse gyms he has opened in the Phoenix area. We discuss what differentiates his gym from all the other gyms. Remember Inferno Performance is yo...

Self-Development Entrepreneurship Mental Health

July 03, 2022

Discussing Roe V Wade and the Mental Health Impact Feat: Alison Tomei

These are some crazy times and we wanted to start a discussion based off the recent government decision overturning Roe V Wade. We bring on Alison to discuss her feelings along with the mental health impact this decision has ...

Self-Development Mental Health

June 27, 2022

Mental Health and the Willingness to Push Forward Feat: Oscar Crosthwaite

This week we continue our discussions with mental health centered around being willing to push forward. Oscar joins us to discuss how he broke the mold creating a good situation out of the bad situations he was in. Join us as...

Self-Development Mental Health

June 14, 2022

Understanding Mental Health with Michelle Dickinson

Today we dive into the complexities associated with mental health. We interview Michelle Dickinson, a resilience coach, on this complex topic. We realize how robust the topic is so we are doing a few episodes on mental health...

Self-Development Mental Health