Oct. 2, 2022

Change in the Horizon Feat Jywanza Scott-Jackson

Have you ever been knocked down so many times where you don't want to get back up? Jaden and I interview Jywanza Scott-Jackson as he goes through his jourmey in Reno to bring hip-hop, better schooling initiatives, and more culture. He has gone through everything and always gets back up stronger!

Key themes to take away in this episode are continuing to get back up and fight for your dreams, the willingness to "burn the boats" to dive your dream, and success doesn't come easy.

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Jywanza  Scott-JacksonProfile Photo

Jywanza Scott-Jackson

Educator, Philanthropist, Recording engineer, Videographer, Graphic designer, Screenwriter, Event Planner, booking agent, Promot

I was born Aug 19 1978 in San Francisco . I grew up in the jazz scene of the Bay Area. I frequently was sneaking into jazz clubs with my dad particularly "Yoshi's" and was intrigued by the musicians & singers performing. Due to being raised in such a cultural melting pot I was introduced to a multitude of ethnicity's & cultural backgrounds. My mother moved to DC and I then got a taste of the East Coast Go-Go scene of the mid 80's "E.U's "doing the butt" and was also introduced to groups like "Boogie Down Productions & Public Enemy" which helped me sharpen my outlook on conscious Hip-hop music. Towards the late 80's I moved to N. Hollywood CA. & joined a group of musicians called the "Young Tongues" we were the west coast spin off of the native tongues. That's when I got deeper into the world of hip hop. My older brother Derrick Perkins who during the late 80's after graduating from Full Sail in Orlando FL. had taken off in the Music & Post Production world so as a close mentor he introduced me to accomplished people from all facets of the entertainment industry. Around '93 he was a producer and AR at Delicious Vinyl records and I was assisting him in scouting for talent for the label as well as assisting him on production on projects like Tone Loc's album and music for the Pharcyde. But the most influential musician that changed my perspective was "Stevie Wonder" with whom my brother Derrick Perkins had had the privilege of Co-Producing his 1995 Grammy Award winning album I helped him with engineering and MIDI. After finishing high school and taking a year off to hone my craft more "I was on a waiting list to get into Full Sail" I finally moved to FL. to go to full sail on a full scholarship from Stevie Wonder to pursue my dreams of becoming a technically proficient music producer. After finishing Full sail in 2001 I went to New York for a production deal with Tim Olphie who owns I did in house production for 2 years until 2002. After my stint in New York I moved back home and did in house Production at my brothers newly built studio 2120 Ent. in Orlando. I was the assistant manger and in house producer for 3 years until me and my brother got a production deal in Puerto Rico doing Reggeaton music "here's a link to the Reggaeton album me and my brother Derrick did in 2007 we mixed & mastered the project at the Hit Factory in Miami" I then moved back to LA and teamed up with a rap group called Power Move I mixed and mastered there Cd and came to Vegas and acquired a hand bill distribution license and went on to sell over 200,000 Cd's on the strip hand to hand form 2006 till 2009.
As of now I am currently attending Full Sail again for music production and entertainment business obtaining my Bachelors. My name is Jywanza Scott-Jackson I am a multimedia content provider as a Photographer, videographer, digital artist, music producer and recording engineer. I work with Black Wall Street Reno and NULYPHE entertainment as an event coordinator booking agent and Promoter. Since coming to Reno I have developed a vested interest in community outreach volunteering within the Washoe county school district as a mentor and creator of the H.O.W 4 Hiphop workshop. I also created the (Reno Ace The Grade day) in Partnership with the Boys and girls club and the Reno Aces Baseball Team to inspire the PTA to higher the GPA increase literacy rates in title I schools on the Elementary and middle School level and Also at reno high school to Help raise attendance rates and encourage more PTA and PTO involvement within the school district. I’ve also curated GROWN nights at a multitude of venues throughout reno.