July 25, 2022

Divi Daddy Discusses Diversification and Crypto

We have Patrick Hakim AKA Divi Daddy on with us to discuss diversification of wallets, the crypto commandments, and other important crypto strategies to help people understand and be successful in the crypto landscape. Join Jaden and I as we have fun with Patrick discussing this topic and providing pertinent information for our listeners and fans to help be successful.

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Patrick HakimProfile Photo

Patrick Hakim

Divi Daddy, Washer of feet

Patrick Hakim, known in the industry as “Divi Daddy”, is a specialist Masternode service provider with deep experience in systems and structure. He first started in crypto in 2015 building a “Zero Cooling” mining facility and was afforded many opportunities to learn with early blockchain pioneers. He migrated from mining to Masternodes to take advantage of the lower overheads.
Patricks’ strength is taking time to listen to a problem and apply a blockchain solution to create real life value. He’s passionate about his family, faith and the freedom that comes with it, and he looks for ways to help network and engage with his local Blockchain community.