Feb. 21, 2022

Health Feat: multi-millionaire Kelland Chaffee

Health Feat: multi-millionaire Kelland Chaffee

This weeks episode we have former heavy duty mechanic turned to self made millionaire and fitness guru Kelland Chaffee. Kelland goes into details about his new online fitness and Pharma course that he just released and explains a little about himself. Listeners that are interested in taking Kelland's course, please follow the link in this description.

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Kelland Chaffee

CEO and co-founder

Heavy duty mechanic to online entrepreneur (high ticket affiliate sales) to creating my own training and affiliate sales platform.

Now that I've "mastered" so to speak skills revolving around o line marketing and advertising I felt it was best to follow another passion. (Fitness & Pharmacology)

Links to fitness and pharma course


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