March 26, 2023

SPECIAL EPISODE- Standing Up to the Epidemic of Bullying

The schools have gotten worse and we have a couple decades of issues that need to be addressed. This week Will Wilson and I discuss the effects of bullying in our education system and bring up the alarming statistics that peo...

Special Events

March 20, 2023

Choppin It Up with Richard Blank

This week we invite a guest that has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a whole diverse amount of charisma. Richard Blank is the CEO of a Costa Rica call center. We all have our opinions on call centers, however; Rich...


March 12, 2023

Anish Majumdar Discusses Creating Your Own Job

This week we bring Anish Majumdar on to CHOPPIN WITH FIRE. We are blessed to have Anish on as he discusses navigating the world of creating your own job and current conditions within the job market. This career coach has a he...


March 05, 2023

Local Business Interview With Rick Cameron

Welcome to our second episode of interviewing local businesses. This episode I got to sit down with one of my buddies, Rick Cameron, and we discussed what he is doing within the Entrepreneurship world. We discuss his love of ...

February 26, 2023

Investing in Precious Metals Feat: Patrick Yip

We know it is important to invest for our futures. We wanted to release a few more investment podcasts to help aid in diverse portfolios. Now is the time to take charge of your future and this week we interview industry exper...

Investment Strategy

February 19, 2023

Beau Button Helps us Understand WEB3

Had an exciting conversation with Beau about WEB 3 and understanding business terms. This was a fun and educational recording and I hope you all enjoy it. Beau's BIO is below. Beau Button has been actively involved with softw...


February 05, 2023

The World of Live Entertainment with David Carpenter

We have released one of our vaulted episodes featuring David Carpenter. We hope you enjoy as we dive into the world of production and broadway!!! David Carpenter is the CEO of Gamiotics, Inc., a live entertainment software co...


January 29, 2023

Choppin it up with Speakeasy Tattoo Co.

It's the end of January and we are introducing our first episode of our end of the month small business interviews. We kick off our first one with Speakeasy Tattoo Co. located in Fernley, NV. We discuss the trials and tribul...

Entrepreneurship Special Events

January 22, 2023

Ali Nichols Enlightens us on the Power of Perseverance

Ali Nichols is the Co-founder of Getaway. Prior to founding Getaway, Ali spent over 4 years as an executive at Bungalow, a technology enabled residential real estate company. During her time at Bungalow, Ali ran numerous busi...

Investment Strategy

January 15, 2023

William Wang Discusses Bettering Yourself 1% a Day

William left his corporate IT job to chase a different career path that lead to him running his own 7 figure business. Through all his lessons learned he continues to grow at least 1% a day! What a fun and light episode with ...


January 08, 2023

Navigating Digital Marketing Feat: Ashley Cline

What an exciting episode for the new year. We are excited to release our episode featuring Ashley Cline. We think she brings big value to the table, especially in the world of coaching and trying to market your own business. ...


January 01, 2023

Fundamentals and Mentorship Feat: Luke Charlton

Happy New Year from the Choppin with Fire family!!!!! Luke Charlton (AKA: The Aussie Hermit) decided to quit his comfortable 6-figure/yr government job, move halfway around the world, and start an online business as a Coach. ...


December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and Thank You to Everyone!!

We put together a short and sweet episode thanking everyone for such a wonderful year. Take a listen and leave us your comments. Support the show

Special Events

December 18, 2022

Networking Feat: Joe Apfelbaum

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, and certified Google trainer. Joe enjoys speaking and writing about marketing, business...


December 11, 2022

Re-learning the Full History of America with guest John Means

Do you ever wonder if there is more going on in the American History. Jaden and I never questioned it until having John Means on explaining the deep history of America. He brings about a different approach to American history...

Special Events

December 04, 2022

Applying Stoicism to Business Feat: Hadi Radwan

Hadi is a startup wizard, venture builder, and angel investor with 15 years of experience managing, creating, and developing stellar growth strategies. He is also the Co-Founder of Asteya , a digital insurance platform built ...

Self-Development Entrepreneurship

November 27, 2022

What is a Tonie Box? Feat Drew Vernon

Drew is the marketing director for tonies, where he leads Tonies for Teachers, partnering with schools, museums, and libraries to promote screen-free education for children. His work contributed to tonies being named as one o...


November 20, 2022

Are you Secure Enough? Feat: Greg Edwards

Greg has been a tech entrepreneur since 1998. Before he founded CryptoStopper, he started Axis Backup which he managed to scale, grow, and successfully sell. With his experience founding and running businesses, he became inti...

Self-Development Entrepreneurship

November 13, 2022

Mental Health Check-in Feat: Dr Sapna Shaw-Hawke

Mental Health is very neglected and Dr Sapna and I take a moment to address looking for the signs of when it is time to take a break and get help. We discuss key statistics, dive into the importance of mental health, and most...

Self-Development Mental Health

November 06, 2022

Let's Talk Money Feat: Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler, a financial expert and motivator, book author, and founder of The Money Nerve. Bob helps listeners conquer their money shame and avoid making poor financial decisions by teaching how emotions can dictate our choi...


October 30, 2022

Robert Lund Discusses Entrepreneurship & CBD

Through founding Studio TBD , Robert is on the front lines of the cannabis and crypto industries focusing on infused drinks and web3 initiatives. With a background in advertising, branding, creative development and design str...

Crypto Entrepreneurship

October 23, 2022

Balls, Beards, & Tattoos Feat: Drew Plotkin

We were blessed to have the opportunity to have DREW PLOTKIN, Emmy award-winning producer; author; marketing guru to some of the biggest names in beauty, consumer goods, and entertainment; and heavily tattooed Founder and CDO...


October 16, 2022

Breaking the Mold Feat: Chase Harmer

We are blessed to have Chase Harmer on our podcast this week. Chase has built portfolios processing billions and hustled his way into building Profit Pay. Launching a $100 Million dollar raise in a video sales funnel, Chase h...


October 09, 2022

Optimizing Your Poker Chips of Time Feat: Matthew Stibbe

Jaden and I were blessed to have Matthew Stibbe on our show. Matthew has an extensive background which includes: Designing games for Lego, Producing 2 games based off Dune, Studying history at Oxford University, and obtaining...

Self-Development Entrepreneurship