Aug. 7, 2022

Joey Whalen is Back with Big Opportunities in the Crypto World

Joey joins Jaden and I as he discusses a new opportunity in the crypto world called Ultron. He dives into the details and discusses why this is a lucrative opportunity for all walks of life and all budget levels. Check out the episode and if you are interested, feel free to click the link below and reach out to Joey's Telegram for more information and videos on how to get started.

Link for Joey:

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Joey Whalen

Crypto Coach and Leadership Development

Crypto Investor
Metaverse Community Builder
Father of my 5 year old daughter Eva
I love all different cultures!
Speak 3 languages
Lived overseas 4 years in Europe
Musician, Recording Artist and DJ
Played at Carnegie Hall NY when I was 16
Originally from Alabama
Lived in Georgia and Florida
Been in Reno now 12 years
Love Lake Tahoe and this area!