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Awesome show, highly recommend

The hosts' experience, passion, and down-to-earth interview style is a joy to listen to and his expert guests are always chalk full of compelling insights. This show is a must-listen. Can't wait to listen to future episodes.

Great content!

The hosts have interesting topics and guests from different backgrounds. The content is educational, entertaining, and motivational. It really help me think about my financial situations and how I can improve my mindset and take action.

Easy to digest

Great show--lots of valuable content and key takeways, all provided with an easy to follow and pleasant listening experience.

Outstanding Podcast! Highly Recommended

The subjects are diverse and relevant. Well researched. Succintly presented. I really like the deep discussions with experts, it's kind of a pleasure to see how they do think. Thumbs up!

Outside the box podcast

I really enjoyed this show. They provide a fun educational podcast with great guests and take sways. I love the energy with just the right amount of entertainment. This is now my favorite podcast! Thumbs up heroes!!!


A great format to learn and be exposed to how people are navigating in this space! Super happy to have caught up. Always interesting perspective and really am I turned by the concepts and enthusiasm from their guests.

Nicely done!

This show is nicely done. For those of us new to this pod, it is presented in a easy to understand format. I am looking forward to more of this!

Greatest pod!

There are podcasts, and there is Chopping with Fire Podcast. It's the best of the best. I stumbled upon this podcast and I've binged all episodes. Enjoyed listening to it and grateful for the information they share. Awesome podcast with much simplicity. Waiting for many more.


Coming from an expert who has listened to all the content available. Choppin with fire is the best of the space and offers insightful and useful discussions on the most important and useful discussions on important topics with influential voices. Great Job Dustin and Jaden!

One of the best

This is one of the best podcast I've ever come across in a while. Each episode and interview is consistently fascinating, covering the broadest and deepest range of topics available. They are also down_to_earth and fun to listen to; they treat guests with respect. This show is a must-listen for anyone and everyone. Thanks!

Love it

Absolutely love this podcast. Very interesting and informative. It allows me to look at life in a whole new prospective. Looking forward to more episodes

Amazing podcast

I am so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. It's the type of podcast that I will re-listen to episodes multiple times and learn something new each time. I am now a fan! Bring it on!


This is exactly the content I need to listen to. Motivational and helpful, the analysis of each topics is spot on. Nice production, great interviews and excellent contents. Highly recommend!

Solid Information and interviews

This is a very good source of business advice that is difficult to find. The interviews are well done and insightful. This is a good podcast to help me round out my business resources and knowledge. I really enjoy listening to your podcast and continue expanding my knowledge. I’m excited to get more and more out of this podcast! Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

Inspiring and informative

Great business pod!

An hour to join the journey

Best podcast I’ve heard in a while, they make me feel like they want to include me and that I’m part of the journey! Can’t wait to continue